We are pleased to show you the unique beauty of a real pearl of the Far East - welcome to Primorsky Region! Primorsky Region is a wonderful, picturesque and unique place in the Far East of Russia. If you are a nature lover, you should definitely come here and see our beautiful hills, Japan Sea shore, breathtaking flora and fauna, Ussury Taiga, Sikhote-Alin Mountains and amazing nature reserves. And if you are an extreme activities lover, then rafting, wind-surfing, parachute jumping, diving, snorkeling, sky diving, snowboarding, skiing, horse riding and many more activities are here for you. Primorsky Tourist Information Center - an autonomous non-profit organization opened in order to organize a comfortable information environment in the field of tourism and promotion of Primorsky Region in the domestic and international tourism markets . The Center opened in December 2014. The Tourist Information Center of the Primorsky Territory provides tourist with maps and information about excursion routes, events in the field of tourism. The Tourist-information Centre represents the Primorsky Territory in tourism exhibitions, fairs, forums, round tables on tourism, as well as holds events and special projects on tourism, organize certification of guides in order to improve the quality of service in the hospitality sector of the Primorsky Territory.
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