Tatarstan is a region of wealth, peace and harmony – a unique place known as “The Land of 1001 Delights”. There are three UNESCO World Heritage Sites here. Only in Tatarstan the Volga reaches its widest span at 43 kilometers. The capital, more than 1000 year old Kazan, is known as the third capital of Russia . Welcome!
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Kazan, Tourist Information Center

Информационная поддержка, услуги и комплексное обслуживание Бронирование номеров в любом из 175 отелей Казани; Организация групповых и индивидуальных экскурсий по Казани и Республике Татарстан с...


"Premiera" founded in 2010, is currently one of the largest tour operators in Russia. We are domestic, international inbound and outbound tour operator. The company has a...

Вершина, Музейное товарищество, АНО

ince 2017, the Autonomous Non-Profit Organization Museum Partnership Top has been successfully implementing projects of private museums in the Republic of Tatarstan. Over the past two years, our...

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