The Tourism Development Center of Sverdlovsk Region is a state budget institution whose main goal is the formation of a positive tourist image of the region. The Tourism Development Center provides interaction between business, society and government in the tourism sector, organizes B2B and B2C events, provides information support for them, organizes the participation of representatives of the tourism industry of Sverdlovsk region in federal and international exhibitions, promotes local folk arts and crafts goods, develops domestic tourism products and thereby brings Sverdlovsk region to international tourism market. The Tourism Development Center of Sverdlovsk Region was recognized as the Best tourist information center in the National event tourism award «Russian Events Awards» in years 2014, 2016 and 2018. In 2018, Sverdlovsk Region was awarded the Golden Apple International Prize by the FIJET International Federation of Journalists and Writers Writing about Tourism as the Russian leader in business and event tourism. More than 800 major international and interregional events take place in Sverdlovsk region annually: GMIS, INNOPROM, Ural Music Night, the Ural Industrial Biennale of Contemporary Art, the Mowers' Tournament, the Irbit Fair and many others. In Sverdlovsk region, folk arts and crafts are well preserved and developed. It was in the Urals more than three centuries ago that crafts appeared, traditions and secrets of which the masters keep to this day. In great demand are the works of stonecutters, jewelers, blacksmiths, masters of the Ural lacquer painting on metal, hand-painted porcelain, bell production
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