OTDYKH team invites you to join a virtual reality project and to enjoy a series of travel videos. Every week we will share a new destination video to inspire your future travels.


Today we head to the "paradise" of Southeast Asia – Malaysia. Langkawi, Penang, Borneo are top destinations to visit after the end of the coronavirus outbreak. And of cause not to forget to add Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia to a short list of some of the world's best destinations as well. #DreamNow about untouched wilderness, beautiful nature and white sandy beaches of Malaysia.
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Get ready to go on a tour that offers a bird’s-eye view of the Promised Land! From urban landscapes to deserts, from forests to fields, from mountains to seaside spots, from modern buildings to ancient fortresses, Israel has it all.


Welcome to Serbia, the very heart of the Balkans. Situated at the crossroads of different civilizations and nations, Serbia is rich in cultural and historical heritage. Thanks to its mild climate and balneotherapy resorts, the country is an attractive destination all year round. Make sure to add it to your short-list of travel destinations as Russian citizens are eligible for visa-free entry into Serbia.
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Marvellous Morocco awaits You!
Someday everything will change, as life does not stand still. Someday we will travel again and discover unknown countries.
Morocco will open its doors and once again charm tourists with its hospitality, warm gentle sun, golden beaches and incredible beauty! Colourful Marrakech like a magnet will attract tourists from all over the world! Stay at home and take care of yourself. Morocco is always waiting for You! #StaySafe #TravelTomorrow

Czech Republic

After captivating Sharjah with our #StaySafe #TravelTomorrow project, we once more head to Europe - to the Czech Republic, where aristocratic beauty is everywhere.
Offhand, what comes to mind about the Czech Republic?
Most common answers will be: beer, Prague, Karlovy vary and the brave soldier Schweik – can’t forget him, right? :) On every trip, the Czech Republic presents unique gifts and surprises. You haven't left yet, but already want to come back.
We invite you to peek into the Middle Ages with a European shine in our video. And remember that the Czech Republic is much better than its video version!
#VisitCzechRepublic with LEISURE


The Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Committee released an inspiring video showing how the Emirates miss tourists, but how important it is to stay at home, close to your loved ones. “Together we will overcome all obstacles and meet again soon in hospitable and warm Sharjah,” the video says.
#StaySafe #TravelTomorrow


Today we head to the pearl of Southeast Asia - the Kingdom of Thailand.
It might be a challenge finding someone who has never been to Thailand.
This remarkable country, located at cultural crossroads, has been the most popular destination in Southeast Asia for many years.
Thailand is distinguished by its unique culture and rich history reflected in incredible architectural monuments and local customs.
Due to the size of the country from the North to the South the climate is diverse and allows holidays throughout the year.
The capital – Bangkok, and the main resorts – Pattaya, Phuket, Phi-Phi island, Krabi, Koh Samui, Lanta island, Chang island, Hua Hin, are waiting to greet us and eager to present with bright emotions and experiences!
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Today in our video marathon #StaySafe #TravelTomorrow, we invite you to remember and dream not just about one destination, but several!
As part of AMARCOM and ANTOR’s #INTRAVELWETRUST project, Russian representatives of foreign tourist offices for the first time talk about other countries they dream of travelling to when it becomes a possibility again!
Representatives of the national tourist offices of Japan, France, Morocco, Austria, Great Britain, Italy, Thailand, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, China, Poland, Israel, Korea, Germany, Norway, Portugal, the Emirate of Sharjah, Macau, Croatia, Cuba and Serbia took part in the project.
#StaySafe #TravelTomorrow


While international tourism is on hold, we continue to share videos, so that you can prepare a shortlist of countries to explore after travel bans are lifted.
Today we are going to the “heart of Europe”, to Slovakia.
Seasoned tourists know that Bratislava is the only capital in the world bordering two countries, Austria and Hungary. In the number of castles and palaces Slovakia is among the top three UNESCO countries.
And even inexperienced tourists have heard about the famous balneological resorts in Slovakia. The largest and most favoured is Piešťany.
According to travellers, “Slovakia is so sweet, cosy and laid-back” that you rest both physically and emotionally. So, let’s watch the video and recharge with bright emotions!
#StaySafe #TravelTomorrow with the LESURE team!


After the Iberian Peninsula, we head to the Balkans to “the land of roses” - Bulgaria.
Hospitable Bulgaria delights tourists all year round. Snow-white mountain peaks are adjacent to endless sandy beaches.
Historical and cultural attractions, preserved since the times of the Roman Empire and Byzantium, will reveal their secrets and legends to you.
Thanks to the healing springs scattered all over, from the Black Sea to the highlands, the country is also called the “home of hot springs”.
The country’s sea resorts – St. Constantine and Elena, Albena, Sunny beach, Golden Sands, Dunes, Elenite, Sunny Day, are familiar to everyone and await to be reunited!
#StaySafe #TravelTomorrow with OTDYKH Leisure team


After the beauty of the Caribbean Sea, we travel to gorgeous Europe.
It may be difficult to find a tourist, who does not dream of Spain.
The country is large and diverse, with hidden history at every step. Each building is like an entire era, frozen in stone.
So many masters at least once have tried to recreate the diverse local cuisine – gazpacho and paella, tortilla and sangria.
We would like to share with you all the wonders of traveling to Spain in one video # SpainWillWait :)
#StaySafe #TravelTomorrow with OTDYKH Leisure team


Take a virtual trip to Cuba. Enjoy the largest island in the Caribbean: home of famous tropical salsa rhythms, vibrant attire and delicious mojitos.

Dominican Republic.

Today we invite you to take a virtual trip to the partner country of OTDYKH Leisure 2020. Explore the Dominican Republic.



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