Press conference of The Tourism Ministry of Indonesia

During the press conference that took part in the exhibition opening day representatives of the Tourism and Culture Ministry of Indonesia revealed the topic of more and more developing relationships between Russia and Indonesia. There was told about different cultural arrangements that had taken place (concerts, leisure and educating programs), the goal of this arrangements was to get Russians more interested in Indonesian resorts.

Also there was told about special press tours for representatives of mass media.

One of the most interesting topics was about simplification of entering visa getting process for Russian people and some new conditions of country entering.

Some statistic materials about tourism business in Indonesia were given in the press conference too. According to ministry’s information in 2010 more than 66 thousand Russian tourists has visited Indonesia. The chairman of Indonesian association PRIVET BALI Tanto Ruwiyadi warned about cheating tour operators, unqualified tourists service and about booking tours on unreliable web-sites. 27.09.2010


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