The business Philippine forum

On 23rd of September during the exhibition «Otdyh/Leisure 2010» the business Philippine forum has taken place. It has included performances of various tour operators and representatives of the ministry. The fullest information about the Philippine islands has been given during a forum: a geographical location, setuation of national economy and a political system.

Also have been listed the companies which are accomplishing flights from Russia to Philippines (the Near East Group of companies; Emirates; Quatar airlines; Aeroflot and Hong-Kong airlines)and the national Philippine companies-carriers, giving flights inside the country and connecting numerous islands (Philippines airlines). Annually from Russia to Philippines comes from 12 to 15 thousand tourists, lately this indicator has increased by 12 %. In connection with fast growing popularity of the Philippine resorts many companies stirred up the activity.

At a forum such national tour operators, as Shroff International Travel Care, Inc., GTravel, Intas Destination Management, Inc. have taken part with the offer of the services and tourist programs. Representatives of Manila Hotel and Bellarocca Island Resort and Spa have told about theirs resorts, entertainments and services. The detailed information about Palawan and Balikasag islands also has been given. 27.09.2010


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