The Network «TBG. Tourist brands»

On September, 23rd the Network «TBG. Tourist brands» has officially summed up the results of a summer season work. According to the statement of executive chief of TBG Network Alexander Ivanov, the quantity of agencies has increased to the record number– 207 companies in 54 cities of Russia. Taken down to minimum the statistical data, nevertheless, has shown positive results of growth of tourist activity in Russia. The project head TBG Network Tatyana Dmitrova has devoted the most part of her report to reorganization of the portal on which now will continue working a corporate site of the Network. The delegate from dealers working group Pavel Zhdanov ("Gin-round") has drawn attention on accruing quantity applications for individual rounds, which are not so popular between tour operators services.

In the end of conference three most dynamically developing tour agencies have been noted in TBG Network . They are «Taurida round» (Cherepovets), "Siberia-round" (Ulan-Ude) and "Ideal-round" (Moscow). 27.09.2010


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