Interview to of Hulio Videa Alvares, the director of marketing and promotion department of Nicaragua.

Annually almost 9 thousand tourists from Europe visit Nicaragua, the Russian market is very perspective-given for Nicaragua. This year Nicaragua has presented to the Russian tourists some new travel routes inside the country. One of new directions is "water" tours. Visitors are offered to visit the lake Nicaragua occupying more of 8 thousand square kilometers, it is also possible to make a trip to Caribbean sea where there the San Juan river is situated. This great river is one of the richest natural resources of the country. Here tourists will have a possibility to see a large quantity of various kinds of birds and reptiles, to walk in the rainforest, to see ruins of the Spanish fortress that left since Spanish colonial wars. As a whole, more than 30 various routes are offered to discover this river. Also has been developed the route to Costa Rica. In the nearest future New "coffee" and "tobacco" trips will become one of the most popular. The pleasant moment is that fact that for a trip to Nicaragua it is not required visas, flights are usually made with change in Cuba.



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