Interview to the representative of the Abu-Dhabi ministry of tourism Ibragim Dzhasem Mohamed Makki.

Journeys to UAE – one of the most popular directions among Russian tourists. Russian market is one the biggest and priority-driven tourism market for Abu Dhabi. In connection with this fact different activities for strengthening and developing of relationships between both countries and for promoting Luxury style leisure among Russians. Abu Dhabi Emirate takes part in “Отдых/Leisure” exhibition the 6th time and in this 6 years the number of Russian tourists has significantly increased due to Abu Dhabi’s sea, sunshine, perfect shopping, magnificent architecture and exotic culture. In 2010 the number of Russian guests grown up to 21%.

This year the emirate granted to its visitors a brand new safari tour in the desert. It was also marked that the VIP guest service is as perfect as it always used to be. Luxury guests are provided with lots of unique tour programs. To get the entering visa to Abu Dhabi would take from one to three weeks, to learn more about leisure in Abu Dhabi you can also get in a new Russian office that will be opened by the end of the year.



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