The announcement of interview to the representative of Argentina Gabriel Dario Perrone

Argentina –is very young travel direction in the Russian tourism market, for this reason it causes a particular interest and became so popular. At an exhibition «Otdyh/Leisure 2010» Argentina has presented a new concept of work with tourists from Russia, having divided the country into "the products", which visitors can choose voluntarily. For those who is interested in life and culture of the country was created roots to ethnic monuments of Argentina, routes to mountains to settlements of the most ancient nation of the country. Besides, new rounds to the falls of Iguasu have been organized. This waterfall considered as one of the world’s miracles. One of attractive aspects of traveling to Argentina is the absence of a visa barrier, which has been abolished in 2009 by the contract of the governments of both states. According to statistics Brazilians takes the first place on visiting Argentina, Russia is on 35th place, however the gain of quantity of tourists from Russia in comparison with 2009 has grown on 48 %.



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