The Kingdom of Cambodia joins Otdykh LEISURE 2011

The Kingdom of Cambodia joins Otdykh LEISURE 2011

The Kingdom of Cambodia’s idyllic coastal areas have emerged on the international stage in grand style. With pristine sandy beaches and uncontrived natural beauty, the kingdom’s untrodden palm-lined bays exude such charms that mesmerize visitors and residents alike. On May 26th, 2011 Cambodia’s bays won world recognition and were inaugurated into The Most Beautiful Bays in the World Club.

The bays of Preah Sihanouk, Kep, Koh Kong, and Kampot are a true source of pride for the kingdom. The calm, warm waters, verdant landscapes, and vibrant communities that surround Cambodia’s bays make them inspiring and singular destinations not to be missed.

Preah Sihanouk offers a breezy resort atmosphere with the pulsating life of a thriving harbor, and it is quickly replacing the region’s more popular beaches as a coastal playground for excursionists, locals and foreigners.

At Kep, you’ll find a more laid-back, sleepy coastline, with fresh crab and seafood in abundance. For exotic wildlife and breathtaking waterfalls, there are the bays in Kampot and Koh Kong, which draw visitors with an eye for sustainable travel.

The kingdom’s bays will no doubt become Southeast Asia’s next trendsetting beach and ecotourism destinations. Whatever you’re looking for- whether it is white-sand beaches, sea sports, or delectable seafood- Cambodia’s bays will have the answer. We look forward to welcoming you to Cambodia — the Kingdom of Wonder.



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