Spring season shows rise in European hotel prices

As spring approaches, the average price of a standard double room is increasing in a majority of European cities. In comparison with February, Istanbul is experiencing the greatest increase in price in March -followed by Rome, Vienna and Amsterdam. While in Paris and London, prices have experienced a moderate increase. These are the findings of the trivago Hotel Price Index (tHPI) prepared each month by the hotel price comparison website

In March, travellers looking to stay in Rome will find themselves reaching deeper into their pockets than in February. In March, a night in the Italian capital will cost 107 pounds on average -a 23 percent increase from than last month. In London and Paris, hotels prices are similarly on the rise. The increase in both cities is 6 percent in one month. To stay overnight in the British capital will cost visitors an average of 152 pounds this month, and 138 pounds in the French capital.

UK highs and lows reported
London is reporting the highest prices in the UK this month, along with Brighton (92 pounds, up 11 percent) and Bristol (82 pounds, up 6 percent). All three cities are likewise showing the highest average price increases compared to last month. Edinburgh (97 pounds) also falls within the top 5 most expensive UK cities this month, despite experiencing a 3 percent decreased in March. Glasgow on the other hand, despite falling within the top 5 greatest percent increases in one month, is still offering one of the lowest UK prices on average- 74 pounds. With St. Patrick Day festivities just around the corner, the Irish capital of Dublin has managed to keep prices relatively moderate at 78 pounds, however are nonetheless showing an overall increase in price by 7.5 percent.



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