The Department for Presidential Affairs of the Russian Federation represents VIP recreation at Otdykh/Leisure 2012

The Department for Presidential Affairs of the Russian Federation is going to represent their luxury recreation opportunities at «Klyazma Resort Recreation Complex», including «Klyazma Holiday Hotel», «Noviye Gorki Vacation Centre», and «Klyazma Vacation Centre», at the coming Otdykh/Leisure 2012 exhibition.

«Klyazma Holiday Hotel» is located 12 km off Moscow, in a beautiful and environmentally pristine area facing Klyazma Lake. It is a perfect choice for both family and business leisure. The territory of 33 hectares is a scenic forest park with rare evergreens and hardwood with cozy leisure areas and comfortable tents where guests can enjoy the splendid surroundings and nature. The resort has everything for a perfect country vacation: walking alleys in the forest park combines, playgrounds for children and sports, own comfortable beach at Klyazma Lake, swimming pools, SPA complex, etc. «Klyazma Holiday Hotel» is the ideal venue for your seminars and conferences. It has 12 conference halls for 30–600 people and can accommodate up to 600 people.

«Noviye Gorki Vacation Centre» is part of the «Klyazma Resort Recreation Complex», and is located 20 km off Moscow. It offers 33 fully-equipped cottages located in a 16-hectar unique natural evergreen forest.

«Klyazma Vacation Centre» is located 12km off Moscow, in a country village with beautiful surroundings and the Klyazma River nearby, offering a wide range of services for unforgettable family vacations.

For detailed information about «Klyazma Resort Recreation Complex» please visit our stand# 4D201 at Otdykh/Leisure 2012 exhibition to be held 19–22 September 2012, IEC «Crocus Expo», Moscow.



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