«Modern IT Tools for Travel Industry» Conference took place at Otdykh/Leisure 2012

One of the most expected events of this autumn, the «Modern IT Tools for Travel Industry» Conference took place on 21 September within the 18th International Otdykh/Leisure 2012 exhibition.

Information technologies have become an integral part of modern travel & tourism business, playing an increasingly important role in its development. The Organizers considered this fact in holding the first «Modern IT Tools for Travel Industry» Conference. The Conference took place in Pavilion 1 (conference hall 2), arousing much interest of the market players. Over 200 representatives of travel agencies and hotel chains, marketing managers and IT-specialists participated in the Conference. The Conference Education Partner was «Netologia» School of Practical Internet Marketing. The Conference was sponsored by «Sea Cruises» Cruise House. The Conference Partners were the Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR) and «Voroshilova and Partners» internet agency.

The Conference moderators were Maxim Spiridonov, the well-known internet producer, director of «Netologia» School of Practical Internet Marketing, founder and director of «Roiber» production centre, and Irina Voroshilova, co-author of «100% Internet Marketing» book, author of training seminars on Internet advertising for travel agents, director general of «Voroshilova and Partners» internet agency.

The Conference delegates listened attentively to the reports and presentations of the leading experts in internet travel services promotion, who shared their unique experience and represented the company’s most successful cases.

The Conference programme included 3 sessions. The first introductory session was dedicated to the key areas of IT applications in tourism.

Ilya Subbotin, the head of API Yandex. Card service highlighted the opportunities of Yandex Card for hotels and travel agencies. In his report he defined the tasks that could be solved by API Yandex at tourism web-sites, and showed the examples of their implementation.

One of the secrets to successful internet marketing is the potential client’s psychology knowledge. The report of Andrey Baranov, executive director of «Newmann Bauer» was dedicated to IT-psychology of the modern tourist.

The report «Don’t worry, be efficient or how to stop worrying and start doing effective advertising in social networks» represented by Roman Kokhanovskiy, the head of advertising technologies division of, evoked a wide response.

One of the most exiting reports of the first session was the presentation of Yulia Bashkova, the first deputy general director of «UFS Ltd." She spoke about company’s experience in flight and railway tickets sales organizing.

The second session was dedicated to companies’ cases.

Tatiana Nikolaeva, the head of multimedia and internet projects sector of the State Tretyakov Gallery, spoke about application of mobile technologies and social networks in cultural and educational tourism on the example of the Tretyakov Gallery.

The report of Vitaly Sheremet, the director of «Avangard» Communication Company, was dedicated to the implemented projects and the proper evaluation of social networks work quality.

Sergey Bogachev, general director of «Avia Centre», explained in his report «We were born to make a fairy tale come true! Or a few words about tickets and millions…» the main principals of the booking system that allowed not only to automate the Internet services sales, but also provided an opportunity to get additional profits.

Konstantin Puchkov, the general director of «Sea Cruises» Cruise House, spoke about of IT applications in cruises sales.

Tatiana Surzhykova, the deputy general director of «Hotelbook-Service», and Yuriy Chub, head of e-commerce department of «Hotelbook-Service» spoke about the technical features of Hotelbook online booking service.

The topic of the third session was «Internet marketing 3.0: new ways of clients’ attraction and retention. How to reduce the madness degree in the travel market». The session was moderated by Maya Lomidze, the executive director of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR).

The reporters Roman Yakovenko and Nikolay Neronov, the managing partners of the Internet Agency «Naydem Klienta» covered the following topics: «The role of Internet in modern sales. Target audience: where the customers mess around. Main business losses: advertising campaigns efficiency. Client retention: basic rules».

Irina Yeliseeva, the commercial director of the «Agency on Tourism Development and Promotion», presented the report on «Internet advertising campaigns: basic principles of development and implementation. Modern professional resources as efficient communication channels».

In addition to the valuable knowledge, all participants got an opportunity for practicing at ATOR site. The ATOR partner, the «Agency on Tourism Development and Promotion» awarded the Conference delegates with 50 gift certificates for three thousand rubles that could be spent for advertising at ATOR website. They had assumed that it would be enough for all Conference participants, but nobody expected so many delegates. The representatives of the «Agency on Tourism Development and Promotion» decided to provide all the delegates with the opportunity to advertise at ATOR website for the amount of three thousand rubles.

Special prizes were given for the most attentive Conference participants. At the end of the event, the participants were asked to answer questions on the conference topics (e.g., what is «toolbar ATOR?»). Five winners received the certificates for at ATOR website advertising for 30 thousand rubles.

The event was pleasantly ended with an evening «nano-dinner." The word «nano» could not but fascinated the participants, who, after long discussions on serious issues of business promotion in the global networks, were curious what lies behind this formula. After the Conference, which coincided with the end of the exhibition professional days, the Chilean partner of ATOR treated the participants with aperitif.

The participants expressed their gratitude to the organizers and partner, and their desire to participate in such business events in the future.

«Excellent conference! Our thanks to the Organizers!»
Tatiana Sharabina, General Director of «Bonaman» Ltd.

«Thank you for a great event — „Modern IT Tools for Travel Industry“ Conference!»
Anna Golovatyuk, «Blue Sky» travel agencies network




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