Versa to represent the new way of tours selling

How to attract tourists? This question causes headaches of every travel agent, especially in the winter and at Russian destinations. «Versa» has found another way to increase sales of the winter season, and we would be glad to share it with you at OTDYKH/Leisure exhibition in September 2013.

The unique author’s film that «Versa» will demonstrate on its stand opens up a fantastic atmosphere of St. Petersburg in winter. You will see the beauty and variety of the Northern Paradise, walk along its wide streets, museums and parks, palaces and cathedrals… And of course you will meet many unusual characters that inhabit our city!

We are welcome to take the film with you to show your tourists how beautiful, mysterious and majestic St. Petersburg is in winter and how noisy and funny is there on the Christmas Eve. We tried to put all of our love for St. Petersburg in this film and now we would like to share it with you and your tourists.

According to our research, the film increases the tourists’ desire to visit St. Petersburg by 73%, and encourages them to buy a tour.

Welcome to our stand!
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