Chile JAC Travel, the exhibitor of OTDYKH/Leisure 2013 offers tours to Chile

Tour operator Chile JAC Travel invites you to visit Chile — the longest north-south country in the world that offers exciting opportunities for leisure and recreation. In one day you can ski on the Andes slopes and dinner in a restaurant on the Pacific coast with a huge selection of seafood, as well as visit the famous wineries and taste the famous wines.

Together with Chile JAC Travel, you can visit unforgettable mountains in the Torres del Paine National Park (nominated to the eighth wonder of the world), beautiful volcanoes of the Lake District, Atacama, the driest desert in the world, with its geysers, unspoiled lakes on Altiplano plateau, Moonlight Valley, the mysterious Easter Island with its famous moai statues, Marble Caves and millenary glaciers of Patagonia. For those who prefer adventure and extreme we offer Antarctica cruises, 4×4 safari in the Atacama Desert, heli ski, fishing in Patagonia,and a flight to the edge of the world — the Cape Horn.

Chile JAC Travel offers a wide range of services with Russian speaking guides from individual and private tours to the budget tours for the groups.

We will be glad to see you 17–20 September 2013 at our stand at OTDYKH/Leisure exhibition in Crocus Expo!



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