First impressions of Luxury Leisure and Mibexpo Russia newcomers

Livingston Airline (Italy)Livingston Airline (Italy)
Silvia Ruscitto, marketing director

«The goal of the exhibition was to establish contacts with Russia. We are happy to state that we have almost achieved this goal. In particular, we have agreed on our new flight from Moscow to Verona for the winter season with Russian tour operators directly at the exhibition. In total, we have 150 destinations around the world, and 3 flights to Russia. Now we are planning to add the fourth flight.

We noticed that Italy is very attractive to Russian people. Italians, in turn, are also increasingly interested in Russia, for example, Italian businessmen are frequently flying from Moscow to Turin. Russians have appreciated our product and all destinations, including Turin — winter destination for skiers, Rimini — for lovers of the sea and shopping, Verona — for those who admire arts and culture.

We are absolutely satisfied with the exhibition! We have confirmed all our agreements and entered into new contracts. We feel a lot of attention from visitors. We plan to enter into a contract with GDS, a ticket distribution system, in the nearest future.

Besides, it’s very nice that the organizers are interested in our opinion! By the way, today we saw the news about our participation in Mibexpo Russia within MATIW- 2013 in the Italian press».

Luxury Leisure

Tyrol Tourist OfficeTyrol Tourist Office
Lisa Hessenberger

«Our brand is very closely associated with luxury and high-quality services, so we have realized that the Luxury Leisure exhibition was exactly what we needed, therefore we decided to participate this year. Our stand at the event aroused much interest among journalists and tour operators. Visitors asked a lot of questions about the area and the resorts in Austria, so we had an opportunity to provide them with useful information. We are pleased to have participated and received a lot of prospects of cooperation».


PanAmerican Travel (Panama)PanAmerican Travel (Panama)
Heidi Gonzalez and Salma Ale.

«Earlier we participated at the common exposition of Panama, but this year we decided to make our own stand, and we believe that it was the right decision. We think that Latin America attracts Russian tourists, so we want to attract more travellers to Panama. It’s not a very well-known destination in Russia, compared with Cuba, which we also offer, but, nevertheless, it attracts a considerable interest among the visitors, so we tell them about our country. We held a lot of appointments. We like everything very much!»


Baikal residence«Baikal residence»
Natalia Shorina, sales director.

«We opened this summer, so we decided to show ourselves, to attract new tourists and agencies. The exhibition has become even more beautiful than ever before. It offers a good choice of Luxury exhibits, which are placed more logically.

We’ve got a lot of new interesting contacts and we will check the final results on Friday».

Mediсal tourism, Spa & Health

Bangkok Hospital Phuket«Bangkok Hospital Phuket»
Egor Shevtsov, International Marketing Department.

«We have heard good reviews from last year participants, so we decided to take part in MATIW- 2013, especially since there is a special area for medical tourism. The quality of Thai medicine is very high, but it is not well known in Russia, so we talk not only about our hospital, but on this destination in the whole.

A lot of visitors showed interest, so we are pleased with the early results. By the way 70% of travel agencies ask information about „medical tourism“ because they want to include it in their offers. So I wish the organizers to develop medical tourism sector and to expand the exhibition».



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