Tasty Travelling with “KhebSol” magazine at OTDYKH

Tasty Travelling with “KhebSol” magazine at OTDYKH

“KhebSol” magazine, working in a partnership with Yulya Vysotskaya, the most popular culinary writer and haute cuisine star in Russia, has become an official partner of GOURMET & WINE TRAVEL, a new section at OTDYKH Luxury international exhibition.

It is hardly possible to imagine a trip without tasting national dishes and local specialties. Sometimes the gourmet preferences play a key role in choosing the next travel destination. This trend has caused the drastic development of gourmet tourism. “KhlebSol” is the magazine that publishes articles about the latest trends in the world of cookery and share the impressions on unforgettable food&wine tours.

A series of cooking master classes with invited chiefs will be held during the show. Every master class will be dedicated to a country with rich gourmet traditions. All exhibitors and guests are welcome to take part in preparing culinary masterpieces!

In addition to the announcements of OTDYKH show in the magazine and on, “KhlebSol” launches a unique project dedicated to the new GOURMET & WINE TRAVEL section. The August edition will have a special insertion of CLASSIFIED for gourmet travelling, where tour operators and national offices can publish information about their food & wine tour proposals on special rates! A sticker on the cover page of the magazine will announce the CLASSIFIED for gourmet travelling insertion.

Among the exhibitors of Gourmet & Wine Travel exposition there are Chateau Maison Noble, wine manufacturer and organizer of wine tours in Boudreaux, GEAC Spa, organizer of gourmet tours in Italy, AD HOC il Tartufo, truffle products manufacturer, and others.



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