Serbia becomes Partner Country of OTDYKH-2015!

Serbia becomes Partner Country of OTDYKH-2015!

In 2015 the Russian travel autumn will be held under the Serbian colours. This Balkan country that is similar to us in Slavic spirit and gracious hospitality has become a Partner Country of the 21st edition of OTDYKH International Travel Market!

Serbia used to be a part Yugoslavia, and earlier it was a part of the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian empires. So the country inherited rich history, unusual cuisine, and ancient architecture.

There is still today a centuries-old tradition of using thermal springs, just as they were used 2,000 years ago by Romans for relaxation and healing of their legionnaires. The unique properties of local waters attract people with chronic diseases, as well as those who want to improve their health and recuperate. Lukovska Banja and Atomska Banja are among the favourite resorts of Russian tourists.

The ski fans are welcome to enjoy the numerous Serbian ski resorts. The biggest and most popular ski resort in Serbia, Kopaonik is known for its peaceful beauty and friendly atmosphere. Ski holidays in Kopaonik offer exceptional value and suitability for both beginners and advanced skiers.

By considering a holiday destination tourists often choose Serbia for its rich cuisine. The Serbs are proud for their art of cooking meat and making rakia. They smoke meat in a special way, cook it so that it melts in your mouth, and what is most important, they love to treat their guests. Serbs are also known as experts in winemaking, but among other drinks they prefer rakia — a fruit vodka. Each region makes its own special rakia.

But as everyone knows, if you want to discover the country in full splendour, you need to visit it. OTDYKH −2015 provides you an opportunity to meet representatives of Serbian tourism industry, to find a unique route for your clients or something interesting for you and your friends!

See you on 15-18 September in IEC “Crocus Expo”!

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