Colombia is considered a diverse country by its culture, geography, and rich history, which make it a unique and genuine travel destination. Traveling there can be an experience like straight out of a novel where you will be captivated and dazzled by the contrast of its colonial architecture and modern cities, the richness of its native communities, the incredible natural biodiversity, the traditional fairs and festivals that display the traditions and not to mention the exquisite and peculiar cuisine from its different regions.

Among the unique experiences you can live in Colombia, the Amazon Region stands out as a natural destination located in the southern part of Colombia. It houses 869 different bird species, 140 amphibians, 85 mammals, 147 reptiles, and 6,800 different plants. You will be able to find the only lush jungle with indigenous communities and learn from their ancestral knowledge. Pink dolphins that change color can be observed in the Amazon River, or you can visit the stunning Victoria Regia Natural Reserve where high treetop platforms are built. All of this adventure happens in the border of 3 countries where visitors get up close to the indigenous local culture. This is the first destination in Colombia with a sustainability certification.

If you want to fall in love with a country where every day is a magical experience, the answer is Colombia.