A new way to discover Mexico at OTDYKH

A new way to discover Mexico at OTDYKH

Mexico continues to attract tourists from Russia. In addition to the status of the Sponsor of the Visitor Registration Area, the Mexico Tourism Board will head the exhibition’s gourmet projects, demonstrating its culinary destinations to all fans of travelling and authentic cuisine.

Gourmet & Wine Travel is a young project designed to unlock the potential of countries with rich historical heritage and unique cuisine for both travel agencies and curious travelers. The show’s programme includes a thematic exposition of the leading culinary destinations and interactive cooking master classes organized together with “BreadSalt” magazine.

The Mexico Ministry of Tourism promotes over 20 gourmet routes that uncover the country’s cooking traditions and national culture. The local specialties are a delicious blend of Spanish and Indian traditions. The unique dishes with corn as a main ingredient, and strong drinks have become very popular among foodies around the world. In 2010 Mexican cuisine was inscribed on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

You can discover the national colour of this country of contrasts, the tourist routes and rich culinary traditions at the 21st International Travel Market “OTDYKH” that will take place on 15-18 September 2015 in IEC “Crocus Expo” in Moscow.

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