Nizhny Novgorod is announced as partner region for 2021 OTDYKH Leisure expo

Moscow, Russia — Nizhny Novgorod has made the exciting announcement that it will be the official partner region at the OTDYKH 2021 expo, which will take place in Moscow on September 7h — 9th in Expocentre Fairground.


Not only Nizhny Novgorod became the partner region of the OTDYKH Leisure expo for the first time, but it also has increased its stand to70 sqm to welcome more co-exhibitors.

This high-profile partnership will provide a fantastic opportunity for expo visitors to discover more about upcoming celebrations in the region.

This year Nizhny Novgorod became the centre of the celebration in Russia. In addition to the 800th anniversary, it has been nominated as the "New Year's capital of Russia 2021–2022". In light of the upcoming celebrations Nizhny Novgorod will host a serios of spectacular events which will be held throughout the whole year, reaching its peak in May - August.

Nizhny Novgorod is ready to impress its guests with extraordinary and spectacular events! Visitors are invited to watch every summer Saturday the sunsets accompanied by “Sunset Music Festival” and colourful firework shows; to join the 800th anniversary gala show, which will take place on August 21 on the Volga and Oka rivers. Various New Year festive events, which will be featured throughout December and January, will complete the jubilee year.

Russia's new e-visa has made it easier than ever to visit the country in general and Nizhny Novgorod in particular. Visitor are invited to participate in OTDYKH LEISURE 2021 to get first-hand information on all of the regions’ top tourist attractions as well as upcoming spectacular events.



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