Cyprus recognized Sputnik Light vaccine

Cyprus has taken an important step in attracting Russian tourists by recognizing Sputnik Light, a single-dose vaccine, as a vaccine.

In addition, Cyprus has reduced the validity of vaccination certificates to seven months. After this period, tourists can still enter Cyprus and check into a hotel with their annual certificate, but after 7 days of stay, tourists will have to make tests in Cyprus. Also, from December 15, all tourists must make an express test within 72 hours after arriving in Cyprus.

But travelers who received the third, booster dose after the two-component vaccine are exempted from these rules.

Of the Russian vaccines, Cyprus recognizes Sputnik V. Accordingly, as a booster vaccine, Russian tourists previously needed to undergo a second course of vaccination with the same drug. But now the Ministry of Health of Cyprus has also recognized Sputnik Light, the most common vaccine for revaccination in the Russian Federation.

We are talking only about tourists who have undergone revaccination with Sputnik Light after two doses of Sputnik V. As the only single dose vaccination, Sputnik Light is still not suitable for entry into Cyprus.

Russians who have been vaccinated / revaccinated with Sputnik V or revaccinated with Sputnik Light can fly to Cyprus as soon as the corresponding certificate appears on the website of the Russian State Services in English.