The summer moments to remember

According to the statistics, in the first four months of 2018, the number of tourists was higher for 9.7% compared with the same period last year (the local ones 8.6% and the international ones for 11.1%). The increased number of the tourists is the consequence, among others, of many promotional activities of the National Tourism Organization of Serbia (NTOS) at the global media, such as CNN, Travel Channel or TV 5 Monde, organizing of many workshops and presentations, attendance at the largest tourism shows, execution of the travels for the international and local journalists, communications by media and promotional events in the Region. All this together contributed to the fact that CNN declared Serbia the second destination in the world that should be visited in 2018. Promotions were organized in Paris (May 24, 2018), Podgorica (June 5, 2018) and Moscow (June 21, 2018). At the local ground — in Belgrade (June 2, 2018, Avala) and Vrnjačka Spa (June 8, 2018) the campaign was announced under the title SEE SERBIA — WHICH MOMENTS WILL YOU REMEMBER THIS SUMMER. With the slogan “Adventure Called Serbia — Let’s Go!”, Serbia was visited by journalists from Germany (June 6 — 10, 2018) and under the motto Discover the Diversity of Serbia the journalists from Austria arrived, as well (May 28 — June 2, 2018). At the global network TV5 Monde — Program for Europe, a travel report about Serbia is broadcasted as premiere within the series Embarquement. The journalists from this channel visited Topola — Oplenac, Novi Sad and Belgrade, especially Belgrade Fortress, showing the cultural — historical heritage, architecture, gastronomy and wine tours of travel destinations.
With a review of the completed activities, as well as the increase of the number of tourists, Ms. Marija Labović, NTOS CEO, says “Such activities result in the motivation to travel, which is very important, but after this it is important also the satisfied tourist will recommend the travel and thus promote himself the country he visited and had the positive experience. We are the unsurpassable hosts and hospitality is what recommends us. And this contributes greatly to the positive impressions from the travel all over Serbia”.