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For the most demanding clients “In Villas Veritas” Company offers first-class services on individual search and lease of elite real estates for leisure.

Over 14 years our Company has established a reputation of a high-quality provider of services on search and lease of luxurious villas in France, Italy, at the Caribbean Islands, in North America and other popular places for leisure. We offer to our clients only those real estates objects, that complies with high quality standards and have comfortable conditions.

About «In Villas Veritas» Company

Villas Veritas Company ( offers more than 200 villas de luxe in Europe, at the Caribbeans, in the USA and other countries that have been visited personally by the Company’s Director, Laura Blaire, before presenting them at the website, which guarantees their compliance with the highest requirements. She often stays at the chosen houses in order to know the surrounding area and conditions. Ms. Blaire was brought up in Europe and spends a bigger part of her life travelling, she has a perfect command of French and Italian. She has a long list of personal contacts in the regions with the offered real estates, which makes her to be a competent source of information about all leased real estates for short or long terms. Regular clients of Laura Blaire completely trust her professional capacity and long-term practice of offering only worthy variants for leasing and the whole complex of services.