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Wellness and Recreation Services: forecast for 2015

The current trends show that in 2012–2015 we will witness the increasing demand for recreation tours aimed at body purification and the natural rejuvenation.

New formats of recreation services as a respond to customer expectation changes and market trends will be highlighted in the report of Mikhail Kochiashvili, the managing partner of «Spa Business Group», the director of the National Association of the Beauty Industry Enterprises, at the 8th International Conference SPA & Health to be held on 20 September 2012 within LUXURY Leisure exhibition.

The reporter will focus on the peculiarities of new service formats introduction in Russia, basing on the experience of «Rus» Recreation Complex in Essentuki, where these new recreation technologies have been already launched. Among them there are restorative medicine services, recreation and rehabilitation, as well as several innovative programmes, including «Active Longevity» and «Anti-Age».

The 8th International Conference SPA & Health 2012 will take place on 20 September 2012.

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