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Kivach Clinic to represent Check Up diagnostic programmes: Get to know yourself better!

We all know how it is important to undergo regular medical health testing, but unfortunately the pace of modern life makes it very difficult sometimes. You should wake up early in the morning to get to the laboratory, and to visit the doctor again to learn the tests results. We leave it till later very often, but sometimes it might be too late. The earlier the disease or the predisposition to the disease is detected, the easier we can avoid the development of serious consequences.

Kivach Clinic would like to offer you the Check Up diagnostic programmes. The programmes are worked out for the early detection of diseases and predispositions to them, the prevention of their development at the early stages, the timely treatment, and in some cases, the early risk factors identification. This allows you to take timely measures to prevent the disease or to treat it at the early stage.

The major advantages of our Check Up programmes are: modern equipment, high-class laboratory, experienced doctors, comprehensive approach and high level of services and confidentiality.