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Leading specialist global hotel group brings together the holistic wellbeing of guests and luxury

Leading specialist global hotel group brings together the holistic wellbeing of guests and luxury

COLOGNE, Germany, 2009: The leading holistic and wellness hotel group, Healing Hotels of the World, is offering a comprehensive global collection of luxury hotels specializing in the holistic well being of guests, while at the same time offering superlative standards of luxury.

Anne Biging, Managing Director of Healing Hotels of the World said, 'Healing Hotels of the World was formed in response to the rapid growth in luxury properties, incorporating what were once considered 'alternative' health programs in their spas.

'Healing Hotels of the World is not just about beauty treatments or relaxation. We bring together long-term improvements to clients' health, while offering the very highest standard of luxury - there need to be no compromise.

'Our research shows that luxury travelers today are looking for something more meaningful in their lives than the traditional luxury hotel and spa offering,' Ms Biging added.

Healing Hotels is now one of the world's fastest growing hotel groups. Ms Biging put the group's success down to the clear and strict criteria for membership.

'Membership in Healing Hotels of the World is by invitation only and properties must meet strict criteria going well beyond spa treatments,' Ms Biging said. 'It certainly pays off for guests. Whether it is related to cuisine, meditation or yoga, health or lifestyle consultancy, our hotels offer high quality holistic health and healing services.

'A key service offered by Healing Hotels of the World members is a personal consultation with every guest at the start of their stay to help them focus on their health and maximize the benefits of their holiday,' she said.

It is the company's vision that guests of a Healing Hotel will reconnect with their heart and soul, freeing them to enjoy the sacredness and abundance of life.

About Healing Hotels of the World

Healing Hotels of the World (HHoW), based in Cologne, is an exclusive global partnership of currently 45 top class hotels, resorts and retreats offering holistic health in luxury surroundings. Partner hotels cover 23 countries across five continents and membership is by invitation only. Common characteristics of partners' properties include amazing locations in harmony with natural surroundings. Most have direct access to ocean, river or sea; two offer the same luxury healing modalities in city locations.

HHoW has four platforms to assist hotels: a global marketing platform, a holistic health and spa consultancy; a training of excellence program for hotels wanting to develop an individual, state-of-the-art approach to holistic health; and a series of Retreats and Master Programs conducted by world-leaders in their fields.

Anne Biging has more than 20 years experience in international tourism and destination marketing.

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Ewa Biging
Manager Sales and Marketing
Healing Hotels of the World