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Luxury travel and gourmet tours in “Crocus Expo”

All discerning travellers are welcome to visit OTDYKH LUXURY exhibition to be held on 16-19 September 2014 in “Crocus Expo”. The guests of the show will be inspired by the unique offers for individual tours and exclusive routes represented by international tour operators and VIP travel agencies. Here they can find everything for exclusive leisure: luxury and boutique hotels and resorts, private villas and castles, yachts, VIP transportation services, golf clubs, safari, ski resorts, etc.

Gourmet & Wine Travel is a new exhibition section representing world's best food and wine tours. The famous wineries and national culinary schools will hold a series of master classes and food and wine tastings. AD HOC il Tartufo (Italy), the exhibitor of the exposition, offers an unusual tour for the connoisseurs of tasty and exotic food. Have you ever picked up the delicacies that grow underground and are more costly than gold? AD HOC il Tartufo introduces unforgettable truffle hunting tour which will undoubtedly attract the lovers of Italian cuisine.

In 2013 OTDIKH LUXURY gathered together 70 exhibitors from 19 countries. This year the number of exhibitors is growing. “Special” Travel Club (Russia), the regular exhibitor of the show, and the newcomers Pleasant & Gorgeous (Portugal) and Viajes Caribe Maya (Mexico) have already confirmed their participation and are ready to offer the visitors something which they can hardly refuse from.

Pleasant & Gorgeous organizes exclusive tours in Portugal, where the natural wealth of the westernmost country of Europe is in harmony with the highly developed infrastructure and innovations. The best hotels and golf courses in the world, UNESCO World Heritage sites, the unique culture and cuisine - all these is waiting for the lovers of VIP and exclusive leisure in Portugal.

Even the most demanding clients will appreciate the services Viajes Caribe Maya. Cooperating with the best tour operators, the company organizes flights to Cancun, offers transport services, including luxury cars with personal drivers, and books elite restaurants, apartments, hotels, and golf courses.

“Special” Travel Club has been dealing with organizing unique trips to unusual and remote corners of the planet for 11 years. After a cruise to the North Pole or to Franz Josef Land on the nuclear icebreaker, or a trip from Bhutan to Pantanal in Brazil, you will agree that life is not the days that passed, but those that you remember.

“50 Years of Victory”, the world’ largest nuclear icebreaker will stop operating passenger voyages to the North Polar soon. In this regard, “Special” Travel Club advises not to miss the last opportunity and take part in the voyage that you will never forget. The added excitement of helicopter flights, meetings with walruses and polar bears, and hot air balloon ride at the top of the world make this adventure a true once-in-a-lifetime experience. The detailed information is on