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Royal-Group DMC to take part at MIBEXPO Russia

Royal-Group DMC is a group of companies with extensive knowledge, professional experience and multi-lingual staff specializing in development and implementation of the customized events for your brand and business in France, Europe and America.

Royal service is the privilege of the kings!

With Royal-Group, it is your privilege.

Royal-Group activities:

  • Fashion and luxury

Fashion shows, new product launch, opening cerremonies, PR actions, etc.

  • Corporate events:

Conventions, conferences, gala dinners, seminars, corporate travel, etc.

  • Public events

Opening ceremonies, exhibitions, spotrs events, concerts.

Royal-Group can handle all of your corporate needs including hotel rooms, executive suites and estates, shuttle service, car rental, catering, fine restaurants, entertainment, incentive and team building programmes, online registration, translation, and more.

Acting as a purchasing consortium, Royal-Group can offer you attractive prices.

Royal Destination Management Company — your reliable partner.