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TRANSITplus offers its professional assistance in organizing the Business trip

Professional organization of your business trip to China will allow you to complete your intended agenda, carry out planned activities and negotiations with Chinese suppliers and manufacturers, obtain effective results and accomplish designated goals.

This service includes everything needed to organize your trip — from airline ticket and hotel reservations to supplying interpreters and setting up negotiations with your partners. First of all, we’ll introduce you to China itself — its traditions and main customs. Our company will also personally introduce you to Chinese suppliers and manufacturers. You’ll be able to see the products and factories which interest you with your own eyes. By choosing our company, you’ll forget about the linguistic barrier since you’ll be accompanied by experienced Chinese-speaking interpreters during the entire trip.

Many clients believe that such trips won’t produce appreciable results. This is understandable: a foreign country and language, other traditions and customs, a whole new way of doing business. Many people are afraid of such steep obstacles. But we’ll help you get the most out of your trip. TRANSITplus offers you its professional assistance to make every minute of your stay in China useful and efficient.