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Your international event guide live from now on!

0 is the foremost international industry portal and search guide for organizers and suppliers of events, congresses and incentives.

Now that Event1001 is live, organizers and suppliers of events, congresses and incentives can actively experience for themselves how clearly and easily this search guide works. International, seven days a week, 24 hours a day and without intermediaries. According to industry colleagues, Event1001 is the only international event guide on the web filling an important market need, namely a platform where companies worldwide can be found easily on the map and can make use of each other’s services.

As of now, suppliers and organization bureaus from the events sector throughout the world can register themselves and publish their profile on Whether it is a question of a site in Prague, a florist in Spain or a caterer in New York… A transport company in Amsterdam, a photographer in Brazil or a provider of different local activities in Tokyo… Suppliers and organization bureaus throughout the world come together on Event1001.

International approach

vThe strength of this industry portal and search machine in one lies in the international approach. In the growing and dynamic database it is becoming possible to find details from a minimum of sixty countries. The profiles of the participating companies and organizations are detailed, conveniently arranged and offer a lot of useful information. The search function is completely free of charge to the user. With a simple search query, anyone wishing to search has the option of finding the right suppliers for that one event, including indications of location through Google Maps. Subsequently these suppliers can be approached directly without intervention of an intermediary.

Completely organizing an event, even abroad, is becoming much easier and much more efficient with

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