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Welcome to the heart of Karlovy Vary

Welcome to the heart of Karlovy Vary

This historic, luxury, romantic and very attractive hotel is situated in an area near the town’s most important historic monuments — the Municipal Theatre, therapeutic springs, Market colonnade (Tržní kolonáda) and the Holy Trinity Column. The interiors of this unique building were recently completely renovated, however, in spite of this renovation the whole complex has retained its unique atmosphere and style. The materials used during the renovations, such as marble, solid wood and expensive fabrics, emphasise the unique atmosphere of this historic building, which combines comfort with the most modern technologies. The spacious rooms are equipped with Art Noveau furniture, LED televisions, high-speed internet (LAN, WiFi) and have marble bathrooms with heated floors. The furnishings meet the highest five-star hotel criteria.

The Opera Palace Hotel offers a number of opportunities to enjoy the excellent gastronomy and beverages for your relaxation. Under the management of the head chef, a professional team of chefs prepares Czech and international dishes for our restaurant and bar using first-class gastronomic recipes and modern technologies. The authentic decorations on the walls and ceilings of the restaurant create an appealing atmosphere, accentuated by the large windows offering panoramic views of the Teplá River. You will experience a unique “genius loci” with a trace of the First Republic..

A therapeutic plan is the basis of spa treatment and is determined by the hotel physician during the entrance examination. The drinking cure is an important part of spa treatment and you can take this cure directly from the spring in the hotel. Wet and dry treatments, acupuncture, lymphatic drainage, CO2, yoga, aerobics, etc. are also naturally available.

You can make use of the World Class Health Academy & Spa, a first-class sports facility with indoor 20m swimming-pool, for relaxing and maintaining your fitness. You can also exercise on the modern exercise equipment and cardio equipment. Whatever activity you decide to carry out, you can relax in the steam bath, saunas or warm your muscles in the whirlpool bath, afterwards.

Rejuvenate your appearance and firm facial features at the Beauty Studio and end you day by visiting the hair care specialist.

The Opera Palace Hotel and its professional staff meet the most demanding requirements for spa care, focusing on our clients and their all-round comfort.

We would like to establish a partnership with your travel agency. We appreciate your interest and will be happy to send you additional information. Please don’t hesitate to contact us using the e-mail address below: