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What you need to know about health resort therapy

What you need to know about health resort therapy

Domestic trips have become very popular among Russian tourists. By choosing a destination, many tourists take into consideration its natural remedial treatment opportunities.

However, a few people know what physicians prescribe resort therapy.

resort physician studies and uses natural remedies: climate, mineral water, mud, and other factors to assist in recovery from illness, rehabilitation, and illness prevention.

Currently, due to the peculiarities of medical science development in Russia and health resort traditions, a “resort physician” is always a second specialization.

For example, a resort neurologist is a physician, trained in neurology and resort therapy, who treats nervous system disorders using mainly natural and artificial physical factors (climate, motion, heat, water, electricity etc.), usually in health resorts.

Resort physicians work at resorts and in Moscow in health resort centres located within the city of Moscow and in the Research Institute of Resort Therapy, where a true balneotherapeutic health resort with own mineral springs (drinking water and saline for balneotherapy) has been created.

Who should recommend a resort therapy? Your treating doctor or a family doctor issues a decision what type of resort therapy on a suitable spa or resort town would be right for your medical condition.

In the recent past the physicians were trained in resort therapy in medical universities and post-graduate schools. There was also a reference book for choosing a resort for different diseases. Today physicians can be familiarized with resort geography only if they are offered training programmes or reference materials. Otherwise, they can “supply” patients for one resort or spa hotel only.

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The author of the article is Nadezhda Manshina, an independent health tourism expert, a continuing moderator of the International Conference OTDYKH Medical Tourism, SPA & Health.

OTDYKH Medical Tourism, SPA & Health exhibition and conference will take place on 21-24 September 2016 in CEC “Expocentre”